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Microwave transmission system expansion for ArmenTel GSM network

In the context of expansion and upgrade of ArmenTel GSM network Redinet CJSC has completed deployment of the new PDH radio network in collaboration with its Greek partner MARAC Electronics. The project included installation, alignment and commissioning of microwave radio links equipments in seven regions of Armenia, from Tavush to Syunik marz, as well as design and implementation of the new Network Management System and further maintenance of the network. 

We are happy to note that this was already the second project of this kind in last three years, implemented by our company in cooperation with MARAC Electronics resulting in about a hundred PDH microwave radio links and two network management systems successfully intalled for ArmenTel. At this time new AL family of the microwave radio links, manufactured by SIAE Microelettronica, was used to build the network. Equipment for antenna-feeder path was supplied by Andrew, worldwide leader in this area.

PDH Radio Links Maintenance for ArmenTel

Bsed on Contract signed with MARAC Electronics, Redinet CJSC completed preventive maintenance of over 70 PDH radio links deployed for ArmenTel GSM network. The links are located all over Armenia, starting from Agarak village in the South to Berd village in the North, the opposite end of the country territory.

ArmenTel: ArmenTel is the leading telecommunication operator providing a wide range of affordable, high quality, innovative integrated products and services for business and residential customers in Armenia.

MARAC: MARAC Electronics was established 25 years ago and achieved to grow to a company leading the Marine Telecoms industry, advancing in a number of key telecoms and technology markets, with award winning manufacturing facilities, internationally competitive R&D, world leading partners. The company is also one of the shareholders of HELLASCOM INTERNATIONAL S.A., an important Greek systems integrator and contractor of large account telecommunication projects outside Greece. Based on its own engineers and design capabilities MARAC develops products for various fields of applications, such as Navigation and Satellite Communications.

ZTE equipment installation for ArmenTel CDMA network

"Redinet" CJSC in cooperation with Armenian "Infocom-Service" company completed installation of ZTE produced Base Station equipment and antennas for the CDMA network of "ArmenTel" CJSC. Over 10 sites were installed within the project scope.

This is the first CDMA network in Armenia. The BTS stations are mainly located in the regions and rural areas.

ZTE: ZTE Corporation is China's largest listed telecommunications equipment provider specializing in offering customized network solutions for telecom carriers worldwide. The company develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment for fixed, mobile, data and optical networks, intelligent networks and next generation networks, as well as mobile phones.

Infocom-Service: "Infocom-Service" CJSC was founded and operating since 1995. Since then the company had considerable achievements in the sphere of telecommunication, operated Internet service provider, took active part in creation of new telegraph data network all over Armenia, implemented LAN projects and constructions, provided computer service. 

New MSC for Armentel GSM network

May the 16th, 2006. Installation works for preparation of the new MSC room for Armentel GSM network were completed, including installation of air conditioning, fire-extinguishing systems, as well as generator supported backup power system. This project was realized in cooperation with Klimart, Siemens, Armentel companies.

Alvarion presentatoin in Yerevan

April the 3rd, 2006. Presentation of the latest systems and developments by Alvarion, including implementation of WiMAX standard BreezeMAX product, took place in Tekeyan Business Center, Yerevan, Armenia.

WiMAX is a standards-based wireless technology that provides high-throughput broadband connections over long distances. WiMAX can be used for a number of applications, including "last mile" broadband connections, hotspots and cellular backhaul, as well as high-speed enterprise connectivity for businesses.

Broadband wireless access equipment including BreezeAccess products line with further evolution to BreezeMAX - 802.16 compatible equipment, WalkAir for provision of synchronous data streams, MultiGain Wireless (MGW)/enhanced MultiGain Wireless (eMGW) for wireless phone access, GSM and CDMA equipment for mobile operators, as well as Alvarion's challenging plans, projects and solutions in the field of development and promotion of BreezeMAX 802.16 equipment, was introduced at the presentation.

More than 70 guests as well as mass-media representatives participated in presentation, which aroused keen interest among companies working in Armenian telecommunication market. The largest operators and providers like ArmenTel, Arminco, AviaInfoTel, ArmRusGasProm, Cornet-AM and others mostly interested in standards 802.16-2004 and 802.16e attended the presentation event.

First WiMax network in Armenia

"Redinet" CJSC in cooperation with "Cedicom" CJSC (Russia) deployed the first WiMAX network in Armenia based on Alvarion BreezeMAX equipment. The network was built for "Cornet-AM" (Armenia), one of the largest Armenian ISPs and our oldest customers. At the moment it covers almost all districts of Yerevan, providing great performance in the NLOS conditions. Commercially available since mid-2004, deployed by over 150 operators in more than 30 countries, BreezeMAX is the most advanced, field proven commercial WiMAX solution and the first to offer CPE powered with Intel PRO/Wireless 5116 broadband interface WiMAX chip.

Alvarion: Alvarion is the world leading provider of innovative wireless network solutions enabling personal broadband services to improve lifestyles and productivity with portable and mobile data, VoIP, video and other applications. Providing systems to carriers, ISPs and private network operators, the company supplies solutions in both developed and developing countries.

CEDICOM: The CEDICOM Company (Trade Mark) is a private company based in 1996 specializing in the telecommunication market in designing and construction area of communication centers, deliveries and installations of the broadband wireless access equipment. It renders consulting services with the purpose of reception of frequency communication allocation by operators in the Russian Federation.

Cornet-AM: Cornet-AM CJSC is specialized in provision of Internet and related services based on contemporary IP technologies, as well as in delivery of complete package of information services both in local and global networks. The application of various methods and technologies in Cornet-AM network allows to render a wide range of services: from provision of access to global Internet resources up to subscribers connection to international bank transactions systems.