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         In 2005 "Redinet" CJSC, as a subcontractor of Intracom-Armenia, participated in deployment of network for VivaCell, second Armenian GSM operator. Project was completed on turn-key basis. Over hundred employees of "Redinet" CJSC teams were occupied in purchase of the materials, procurement, in electrical, civil, telecom works, construction of the sites, preparing metallic constructions, supplying power lines, installing and aligning equipment.
       Having a project file for each site Redinet realized all works necessary for making a site ready for use, including:

• Site preparation (excavation works or removal of hydro-isolation layer for rooftops);
• Manufacturing of metallic constructions (masts, cable ladders, etc.);
• Civil works (concrete bases' construction and mounting of metallic parts).
• Electrical works (grounding system construction, cabling, installation of power boxes with breakers and other equipment);
• All telecom works (BTS, GSM antennas, MW links, IF cables and RF feeders installations, alignments and measurements)

         On the other hand having several teams working simultaneously gave us possibility to complete up to four sites in just a week.

         Works started in March of 2005 and first phase was finished by end of June, enabling VivaCell to launch the network officially at 1st of July, with coverage in Yerevan and partly in regions. In this first phase over forty sites, both rooftop and greenfield were put in operation by "Redinet" CJSC. Another thirty were ready by the end of the year in second phase of the project. Up to now Redinet constructed over 30% stations (including civil, electrical, telecom works and provision of materials).
        But most notable fact is that "Redinet" CJSC was the only subcontractor building sites on turn-key basis, covering full scope of works, from site-surveys to telecom installation, including follow-up maintenance.




MORE THAN 90 GSM SITES construction



        Huawei Technologies equipment installation in   the   framework of  "Armenia 3G"   project for    VivaCell-MTS (K-Telecom) company. The continuation of the project done by “Redinet” CJSC at 2008.

In the beginning of  March on 2009 between “ Redinet” CJSC and Huawei Technologies was signed a contract  to perform engineering survey of telecommunication equipment  for 3G network addition in Armenia. The whole range of  works realized successfully and with high quality by Redinet included:

Visiting of every site

  •        - Draft drawings of the actual situation on the sites
  •        - Hardware installation supervision
  •        - Software starting-up and adjustment and software debugging and commissioning
  •        - Engineering site survey
  •        - Primary installation final check
  •        - Making the engineering installation drawings
  •        - Survey documentation with target to obtain necessary data for production and delivering of the equipment
  •        - Providing the full package of necessary  documentation 


        Construction of GSM tower for K-Telecom CJSC (VivaCell-MTS) In 2008 "Redinet" company launched the construction of 40m hot-galvanized vertical towers for "VivaCell" mobile netwrok in Armenia.
In the process of project realization, "Redinet" has delivered all the necessary equipment from customs to its warehouse and has provided the transmission to communication units.
The works realized by "Redinet" company in the frames of the project include:

  •       - Supply, installation and mounting of 40m vertical hot-galvanized towers,
  •       - Project-investigative work,
  •       - Development of the working project of ferroconcrete construction and  grounding scheme,
  •       - Material approval,
  •       - Expertising and expert conclusions acquisition,
  •       - Performance of examination and acquisition of expert outputs,
  •       - Acquisition of APT (architectural-planning task),
  •       - Preparation of necessary executive documentation etc.,
  •       - Construction work,
  •       - Position preparation,
  •       - Provision of construction access to the position,
  •       - Preparation and mounting of metal poles,
  •       - Preparation of the fundament,
  •       - Assembly and establishment of tower metallic constructions,
  •       - Establishment of antivandal fencing,
  •       - Grounding and lightning protection,
  •       - Power supply provision,
  •       - Engineering survey,
  •       - Getting permission, decisions, resolutions, agreements, conclusions, acts and other required documents from corresponding state offices.


        Installation of optic-fiber cable for VivaCell mobile operator

“Redinet” CJSC and «K-Telecom» (VivaCell) company – GSM operator of Armenia – signed a direct contract for optic fiber network “turn-key” construction on July 20, 2008.
The project is realized with cutting-edge technologies and advanced equipment such as:

  •       - Modern welding machines for optic fiber cables
  •       - Trailers
  •       - Testing and OTDR control tools

The cable is layed according to ITU recommendations.
In the framework of the offer realization “Redinet” realizes construction of 110km long optic fiber network, interconnecting 30 base stations, divided to 3 rings. The project is held on Yerevan administrative territory.

The works, serviced by “Redinet” during the project, include:

  •       - Project-investigative works 
  •       - Development of working project and working documentation
  •       - Materials approval
  •       - Expert investigations and acquisition of expert resolutions
  •       - Optic cable paths investigation and calculation
  •       - Preparation of necessary executive documentation, etc.
  •       - Construction works
  •       - Position preparation
  •       - Provision of construction access to position
  •       - Earth works
  •       - Welding works
  •       - Installation works
  •       - Cable supply and laying
  •       - Sleeves supply and installation
  •       - ODF distributing box supply and installation
  •       - Testing and pre-commissioning
  •       - Testing of all sleeves of the ring
  •       - Testing of ODF
  •       - Testing of links (site to site)
  •       - Testing of the whole ring
  •       - Commissioning works
  •       - Acquisition of permissions, decisions, resolutions, agreements, conclusions, acts and other required documents from corresponding state institutions.




40 Sites HUAWEI 3G equipment installations
More then 120 Site surveys
FO cable supply and Links installation




Site Acquisition
Design and Project documentation
More then 7 KM Fiber Optic Cable Supply and installations  
Links installations
More then 10 Full Loaded  
Shelters Supply,  installation & commissioning
15 m Lattice  Tower construction
Fiber Optic Links maintenance