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       2009 winning the tender “Redinet” CJSC became the Partner/Subcontractor of “ORANGE ARMENIA” CJSC for providing services of Orange Armenia Network Implementation and Deployment. On May 2009 between “Redinet” CJSC and “ORANGE ARMENIA” CJSC was signed a contract for carrying out the construction of mobile communication network and base transceiver station. The range of performed works and services is really large, including providing of  all the necessary materials, means, permissions and documentation. Active Contribution in Designing Innovative Solutions for Orange Armenia Sites,Engineering of Creative and Adapted Solution, Calculation of Stability and Load

  •         - Tower Solution With Specific Design   (200 projects)
  •         - Poles Solution With Specific Design
  •         - Certification
  •         - Supply & Procurement 
  •         - Warehousing
  •         - Telecom Solution Design
  •         - Site Acquisition, Negotiation and Permissions (120 sites)
    •                 Site Survey Negotiation And Contracts Signing
    •                 Obtaining Of All Necessary  Permissions
    •                 Troubleshooting
  •         - Site Design And Project Documentation 
    •                 LEF (More Than 200)
    •                 As Built Folders (101)
    •                 Power Supply Design (72)
    •                 Civil Works Quality Control
    •                 Towers Unique Design
    •                 Static  Calculation
    •                 Seismic Calculation
  •         - Site Construction
    •                 The highest tower in Armenia 85M
    •                 Coordination and planning management
  •         - Power Line Design And Construction
  •         - TI Installations
  •         - Field Interventions (Maintenance) (350 sites)
  •         - FO  Infrastructure installation 
    •                 Supply of All Necessary Materials
    •                 Acquisition and Permissions
    •                 FO Design Including Infrastructure
    •                 Construction works
    •                 Installations
    •                 Testing
    •                 Field Intervention (Maintenance)
  •         - Electro Magnetic Calculations EMC
  •         - LEF (Last Engineering Folder)-technical folder prepared for the site which includes the whole technical information and terms for the performance of works.
  •         - MSC Tower Design and Construction
  •         - Radio Telecom Equipment Implementation and Commissioning

More than 150 sites NSN BTS Flexi EDGE/Flexi WCDMA

  •         - Installation
  •         - Commissioning
  •         - Integration
  •         - Transmission Telecom Equipment Implementation and Commissioning

More Than 180 ALU MW Links AWY / MPR / LSY Installation Commissioning 



     In 2010 “Redinet” CSJC on the base of already gained trust for the quality in short time frame of implementation works continued the cooperation with “ORANGE ASRMENIA” CJSC.

Following projects were realized.


Site Acquisition                                                  19 sites           
Design & Project Documentation                       82 projects
Site Construction                                               59 sites
Power Line Design and Construction                 30 lines
BTS Telecom Implementation                             103 sites
BTS Upgrade                                                      107 sites         
MW transmission                                               55 links
MW links swap                                                   21 links
Telecom Power Systems                                    34 sites           
Field Maintenance                                              470 sites
Fiber Optic                                                         10 km
EMC                                                                   28 projects
Drive test                                                          245 links
Solar site                                                           1 site
Mobile site                                                         1 site 
“ORANGE ARMENIA” CJSC was the first company in Armenia that decided to build telecom site which uses alternative power energy. It was realized by “Redinet” CJSC together with “Tenesol” CJSC. Site construction works as well as implementation of telecom equipment, special solar power panels and accumulators installation were held by “Redinet”Company.
A special project was realized by “Redinet" Company for “ORANGE ARMENIA” CJSC. Was designed and constructed Telecom Mobile Site to provide our partner the ability to be more responsive in case of overloaded mobile network traffic in any location. The project was done in short time period and as usual with highest quality.