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    BTS Installation, Commissioning


"Redinet" CJSC is committed to provide clients with efficient and professional services like:




BTS Site Survey  

BTS Site Survey, providing Site Survey detail report along with built drawings / Engineering Site Survey

    - Work out on Site Survey Planning.
    - Provide Detailed Site Survey Report Strictly complying to Customer Requirement.
    - Documentation for Site, Including Equipments Layout Drawing.
    - Documentation for Indoor and Outdoor Cable Routing.
    - Documentation for Quantities of Engineering Materials.

BTS Indoor Installation

 BTS Indoor Installation, MBTS/BBU Site Indoor Installation and Commisioning, RFS/RRU Tower Top Mounted, Commissioning, Integration & ATP Sign-Off.

    - Un-packaging and Goods Verification and Shifting.
    - Installation of BTS Rack.
    - Power Cable and Grounding Cable routing and termination to MCB or IGB.
    - E1 Cable Routing and Punching On DDF.
    - Lightning Protection Box, IGB, MCB, DDF Installation.
    - Alarm Cable Routing and Environment Detection Sensor Fixed.
    - RF Jumper, feeder, cable connector making
    - RF Jumper, feeder, cable routing and connection to existing Surge Arrestor.
    - GPS Antenna mount and cable routing.
    - Installation for Cable Tray when required.
    - Labeling for all Cable and Sector.
    - Prepare and Submit Hardware Installation Report.

BTS Outdoor Installation

Installation of Antenna Pole or RRU,  Connectivity and Routing of Feeder Cables, Optical cable and Power Cable Routing

    - 3-Sectors Site Outdoor Antenna Mount.
    - Feeder Cable Routing, Grounding and Termination.
    - Surge Arrestor Installation and Grounding to OGB.
    - Installation of Outdoor Cable Tray.
    - Labeling for all Cable and Sector.

BTS Commissioning

    - BTS Power on and Card Check.
    - Transmission Connectivity Integration.
    - Integrate BTS with BSC.
    - Test calls and Record Result.
    - Integration of External Alarm and Alarm Testing.
    - Labeling For all Cable and Sector.


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