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Microwave Links

Transmission Line

“REDINET” CJSC provides the full scope of services in the field of microwave transmission installation:

- MW link site survey

- MW link installation

- MW link alignment

- MW link commissioning

- Link acceptance

- Upgrading of existing transmission network, with minimum traffic interruption (SWAP)

- Preparation of link budget and all necessary documantation

Our company speacialists are certified by international telecom vendors like Alcatel-Lucent for AWY, MPR and LSY equipment and Ericsson for Mini-Link eTraffic Node O&M. During 10 years of microwave project implementation the Company has recorded remarkable achievements in this sphere of telecom implementation. 

"REDINET" CJSC company is the only partner of Orange Armenia CJSC for LSY (STM-1) equipment installation projects. 


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