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Due to the highest level of qualifications and years-long experience Redinet CJSC provides services to carriers and enterprises in the sphere of design and installation of FO links in the whole territory of Armenia.  

         The company has latest generation equipment and sophisticated tool kits for splicing and testing. Company warehouse keeps permanent availability of FO cables, components, tools and consumable materials. Competences and abilities ensure implementation of any volume of FO links projects, timely response to cable cuts and damages, diagnostic, repair and maintenance services for FO links in operation.





Main steps of FO Links construction


  •         - FO Links design. Specialists reach the link location for technical inspection. Examination of the Link and coordination with the customer on required FO network structure and topology. Compiling of FO technical task according to the customer conditions, as well as considering the placement peculiarities. FO Link design development according to the Technical Condition.
    Company will collect whole set of agreements and permission needed for deployment of project and its future exploitation.
  •         - Optical cable deployment. Optical cable line installation inside and outside of buildings. Installation of cable pits. Installation of internal LAN networks in offices. Installation of FO Links in cable pits and in the ground. Creation of suspended optical backbones. 
  •         - Equipment Installation. Installation of in-line and dome closures, convergence and distribution cabinets for non-homogenous cable infrastructures. 
  •         - Welding of optical fibers.Welding of all types of single-mode and multi-mode optical fibers, including fibers with thin core.
  •       - Testing of FO Links. Troubleshooting of disconnection, not documented or substandard connections in fiber optic cables. Problem detecting related with excessive allowance of signal in lines and non-visible defects of the cable.  Identification of the exact location of cable damage during installation.
  •        - Procurement of equipment and materials. Redinet CJSC helps to select and procure the complete list of equipment and materials needed for construction of a fully functional network based on the technical preferences of the customer project and standard solutions.


During 3 years the company stretched over 500 km of FO cable.


The Company's history of achievements includes projects like construction of the first ring for VivaCell-MTS Company, construction of Fiber Optic Link for Karabakh Telecom from Stepanakert to Goris installed over existing high-voltage poles.  


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