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“Redinet” company provides the whole range of services of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) calculation. EMC calculation is an integral part of conformity process of common work conditions of radio-electronical station (RES). EMC calculation methodology is mastered by our professionals and widely used in this sphere. At the same time RES specificity of different radio services requires some general methodology changes and additions. This may refer to interacting RES basic data list, radio signal expansion models, EMS criteria assurance and also characteristics of reducing noise method accounting.

“Redinet” company offers a wide spectrum of services of calculation of electromagnetic compatibility between satellite services terrestrial stations and RES wireless access. Qualified specialists of the company carry out calculations of working signal and total level of noise RES RR receiving device in order to get reliable estimates of working signal level relation to the total level of noise or the relation of total noise level with the noise level of RES RR receptor (RSP).

Our services enable to estimate and make conclusions concerning the probability of noise occurrence for RES RRL from other RRL RES, for wireless access RES and mobile network for civil application, acting in common frequency bands and located in remote zone.

The results of our calculations are used by the radio frequency service institutions of Armenia in material examination, expertizing and making decisions on radio frequency and radio frequency channels assignment.


Population sanitary-epidemic welfare calculation

The company carries out population sanitary-epidemic welfare calculations. The sanitary rules requirements are aimed at preventing unfavorable effects of electromagnetic fields of radio frequency range, produced by RES, to public health. The company realizes the given services to legal authorities, private businessmen and civilians, realizing design, construction, reconstruction and commissioning of transmitting radio-technical unit (TRU).

The sanitary-epidemic welfare services include the following activities:

        - Company estimates electromagnetic density influence on population, as well as personnel serving for TRU, realizes energetic exposition of EEE electrical field, EEN magnetic field, density stream of Eeppe energy;

        - The calculation of EMD level influence on residential area by TRU, in territories of mass resting, inside living, social and production accommodations, undergoing the effect of inner EMD radio frequency;

         - The calculation of conditions of simultaneous radiation from several sources;

         - The calculation of electrical field tenseness level of 50Gc frequency, created by TRU supplying and force equipment inside living and social buildings;

      - Keeping the requirements of conditions of EMD production effects in the territories (roofs) where the access of people not directly connected with TRU equipment maintenance is excluded;

    - In case of few transmitter installation at the location (support, roof) of TRU antenna the sanitary-epidemiological examination is carried out for TRU in total;

         - Prevention of people access to antenna placement area within dangerous limits;

       - Calculation of RRS antenna placement and radiostations of civil range RGD with effective radiated power from 1000 to 5000 Vt where prevention of people access and absence of neighboring buildings at the distance of min. 25m. Within any antenna limit independent from its type and direction of radiation;

     - Installation of sanitary-protective and limiting zones with TRU prospective progress calculation and populated area with objectives of population protection from EMD effect.

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