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Eltek Valere’s mission is to empower our customers’ businesses by delivering critical, cutting-edge power solutions and services.

Eltek was established in Norway in 1971 as specialist telecom energy systems supplier. Since then, the company has grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions became a leading international supplier of power solutions in telecom sector. In 2007, Eltek merged with Valere power to form the world’s fastest growing company in the industry. Eltek Valere has strong global positions in the Americas, Europe and Asia, serving multinational, regional and national builders of telecom infrastructure, as well as industrial companies.

Eltek Valere develops and markets energy systems, based on leading proprietary and standard technology and state-of-the-art products. A strong range of high power-density, flexible and cost-efficient rectifiers/converters form the core of the company’s offering. Eltek Valere designs, builds and furnishes complex turn-key energy solutions. Eltek Valere also develops embedded system solutions for original equipment manufacturers. Eltek Valere’s legal headquarter is situated in Drammen, Norway and the company has approximately 2,000 employees, offices in 30 countries and business activities in more than 100 countries.

Vision and values
Eltek Valere’s vision is to become the greatest power in the industry. Our aim is lead the way in power technology and be a driving force in the industry. In support of our ambitions, we are building a unified Eltek Valere culture across the world, built on our four core values:

Customer centric
– We are driven by a strong ambition to deliver products and services that contribute profoundly to our customers’ own businesses.
Technologically ambitious
– We are passionate about our products and technologies. We invest resources and take pride in developing solutions that set the standard in the industry.
Aggressively competitive
– we have the culture of a challenger, and are determined to outperform competitors.
Cultural sensitive
– we do not underestimate the cultural challenges of operating globally. We always act with the respect for local traditions and cooperate closely across cultural and geographic borders.

Always on
Our company slogan reflects an organization that is passionate about leading the way in the industry and about delivering premium value to customers. It also reflects the essence of our offering: the power that ensures our customers’ businesses keep on running and running.

The role of the energy system
The primary role of the energy system is to supply the equipment that make up the telecom infrastructure with power at very specific characteristics. In addition, it provides backup power. In these ways, the energy system guarantees up-time for the telecom networks and thus secures the operators’ revenue-generating services.

The Main Components of an Energy System

Electronic equipment cannot operate on the current coming out of the mains. All such equipment consequently depends on power supplies that can convert the high-voltage, alternate mains current into a lower-voltage, direct current. This is the main function of the rectifier, which is a key component in a DC energy system. Typically, a rectifier will convert the mains 110/220/240/480 V AC to 48 V or 24 V DC, before it is fed into the telecom equipment. A telecom power system may consist of a number of rectifiers, depending on the size and requirements of the application.

Batteries provide DC power of the appropriate voltage in case of mains power failure. The batteries make up the bulkiest part of the system and also the most vulnerable. Consequently, efficient battery monitoring and controlled charging is key to stable operations.

Monitoring system
This is the “brain” of the system, which monitors performance and allows an operator to control the system: either direct through displays, keypads and controls, or on a computer connected physically to the network or remotely, e.g. via the Internet.