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Gasoline and natural gas powered generators

Since 2000, the year GENPOWER have set out on the journey of production, we have achieved significant growth moves and made our name widely known both in the country and abroad by embracing the principle “customer satisfaction first”, providing the quality in sales and after-sales services and making no concessions of honesty.

With the sales and service network we have established in our country and abroad, today we export 75% of our production to 71 countries in 7 continents, especially Africa, Middle East, Turkic Republics, Europe and America.

We produce diesel, gasoline and natural gas powered generators ranging from 1 KVA to 3500 KVA, source generators, lighting towers (projectors), simple and PLC type synchronized systems at our facilities in the Ankara 1 Organized Industrial Zone and we provide the services and products of superior technical features with the lowest costs for our customers. In order to reach the most qualified products, we select as partners only the engine and alternator producers that are internationally accepted.

Corresponding with these developments, we are preparing to activate World’s largest generator factory located on an area of 216,000 square meter in the first quarter of 2011 in order to respond to our developing production volume. We are aiming to increase our production volume to 30,000 diesel generators annually in 5 years and create new employment areas with the activation of our new factory.

We make no concessions from our principle of respect to the environment as we are advancing to our purpose of becoming “a world brand” with powerful investments and confident steps and we are continuing to work with the world’s most emphasized principles in our area: minimum fuel consumption, low noise level and low emission rates.