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SafeNet is a global leader in Enterprise Data Protection, Software Rights Management and Authentication. We provide complete security through newer innovative solutions to protect communications, intellectual property and digital identities – at rest, in transit, and in use. We offer a full line of encryption integrated solutions, including data encryption hardware, disk and file encryption software, hardware security modules for databases and applications, authentication solutions and endpoint security. Our award-winning technologies provide the most comprehensive and effective security, control and management of data access across databases, applications, networks and endpoint devices.

SafeNet Solutions:

SafeNet's Luna SA
Luna SA is a flexible, Ethernet-attached HSM (Hardware Security Module) Server offering powerful cryptographic acceleration, hardware key management and multiple configuration profiles for applications where security and performance are a priority.

Chrysalis-ITS Luna® SA Hardware
E-commerce, electronic banking, secure networking and digital transactions are all an important part of your business and daily life. Chrysalis-ITS Ultimate Trust products help you achieve your business goals with security you can trust.

Luna PCM
The SafeNet Luna PCM Family is a low-cost family of compact Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) offering hardware-based key management and hardware-accelerated cryptographic performance within a compact PCMCIA card.

SafeNet BSec (Borderless Security)
SafeNet Borderless Security is the middleware component that allows applications to authenticate users with certificates written to SafeNet iKey USB and Smart Card authenticators.

eToken PKI Client
SafeNet eToken PKI Client is the middleware that manages SafeNet’s eToken authenticators, allowing organizations to secure access to their digital resources and implement certificate-based authentication solutions such as digital signing and disk encryption on a FIPS validated smart card or USB token.

SafeNet's Luna CA4
Luna® CA4 offers a complete hardware security solution for the protection of sensitive root keys at the heart of PKI installations.

Chrysalis Luna2
Powerful digital encryption and signing in a cost-effective, compact PC Card token.