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"Redinet" CJSC company offers a wide spectrum of services to assist organizations in the development and implementation of reliable, productive, secure and scalable IT infrastructures. We provide a wealth of skilled support to new and existing businesses for computer networks, operating systems, servers, workstations, data cabling, wireless and secure Internet connectivity.


In cooperation with our reliable partners such as McAfee, SafeNet and Checkpoint we provide full scope of solutions and tools to help protect your entire IT infrastructure, avoid leakage and loss of sensitive and confidential data.

      - With us you will be secured against hackers, malware and viruses.

      - We can help you to easily and reliably protect your IT perimeter and corporate web site.

      - Mechanisms that we offer will help you to unleash and totally block the treacherous insiders in company, prevent leakage of confidential data.

      - Will help you to safely and transparently organize a backup process to avoid data losses.

     - We help to gain remote control over the network, of all IT processes in your infrastructure. It will ease process of controlling of your entire infrastructure including levels of system and network administrator’s actions.

Our goal is to help you to create secure and reliable IT infrastructure which will help your business to stay competitive and avoid dangerous challenges.

Our main customers are companies acting in Banking, Telecom and Industrial sectors, all small, medium and large business companies for whom IT is a key component of business process.

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We partner with industry-leading vendors to provide award winning technology and expertise, ensuring that we have access to best-in-class solutions for our customers.

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