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This Report refers to the requirements of 10 Principles of the United Nations Organization Global Compact G3 Sustainable Development Report Instructions set out in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).



"REDINET" Close Joint-Stock Company was founded in 2001. For more than 12 years of operation the Company has gained the reputation of the largest system integrator in the Caucasus and Middle East region. Various innovations and high technologies together with the professional staff are the main driving force of the Company. As of nowadays, the Company employs a staff of more than 250 qualified engineers and specialists. Redinet CJSC is ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Redinet CJSC has total premises of more than 7500 m2 and office space of more than 1500 m2, more than 75 (4x4) special cars and trucks and warehouse spaces of about 12500 m2.

The major business sector of the company is the design and "turn-key" construction of the complex telecommunication infrastructures. The Company has the right to perform project design, construction, supply of equipment, system integration and commissioning works of newly deployed and reconstructed telecommunication centers and units.

The wide range of telecommunication services provided by the Company includes the following:

  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Design (Including Project Documentation)
  • Constructions
  • Power
  • Towers, Masts and Poles Manufacturing, Supply and Installation
  • Shelters Manufacturing, Supply and Installation
  • Site Construction (Civil Works, Grounding and Lightning)
  • Power Supply, Including:
  • Acquisition of Technical Conditions
  • Power generators, batteries, AC/DC equipment, HV/LV transformers
  • Poles, Cables Supply and Installations
  • OPGW line construction and commissioning
  • Telecom Equipment Supply and System Integration, Including:
  • Wired/Wireless Modems
  • Networking  Devices: Layer 2 Switches, Routers, Servers
  • Network Performance Monitoring and Analysis
  • Network Adaptation and Optimization
  • Technical maintenance of Towers, Masts, Poles and Shelters
  • Network Planning
  • Technical Maintenance of Equipment, Network Systems
  • Mobile Network Drive Tests:
  • NEMO
  • R & S TSML-GW Scanner
  • Construction of Fiber Optic Lines and Networks
  • Calculation of Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Logistic Planning & Application
  • Integrated Project Management
  • HW/SW development, including Microprocessor/FPGA based board design
  • SW application design.

The Company has developed solid experience in “turn key” implementation of OPGW deployment projects for energy utilities and electrical grid companies. Main competitive advantage of Redinet CJSC for construction of OPGW lines is first of all its highly qualified and experienced human resources comprised of teams of certified professionals. Secondly, Redinet CJSC has own sets of special and sophisticated equipment for installation of OPGW between towers, as well as for transition from the OPGW to an outside plant fiber-only cable to connect the fibers to terminal equipment. 

In addition to its traditional business profile, the Company has developed new directions of business and provides hardware and software based IT Security solutions and applications for SMEs and enterprise market:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Email & web security
  • Endpoint protection
  • Network security
  • Mobile security
  • Risk & compliance
  • Security management

The Company’s rich practical experience, gained during the years of conducting professional business in the regional markets makes it possible to realize turn-key projects of mobile networks, fiber-optic lines and fixed networks construction on the basis of materials and equipment produced by word leading manufacturers.

“Redinet" company is the authorized partner of the above mentioned leading vendors of telecommunication systems, equipment and materials, as well as IT Security solutions and software, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens Networks, Iskratel, Huawei Technologies, ZTE Corporation, Alvarion, RAD Data Communication, RADcom, GenPower, Eltek, McAfee, SafeNet, CheckPoint, Oracle, etc..The company has established authorized distributorship relations with leading producers of metallic constructions (towers, masts, poles, containers).

The Company staff consists of qualified and experienced professionals, certified by the international vendors. The Company handles complex tasks of project management arising during designing, construction, installation and launch of operation of telecommunication networks.



REDINET CJSC has 6 branches and affiliates in the region who provide immediate response to our customers’ requirements. The Company possesses under its disposal certified professional staff in every regional branch or Affiliate Company, ready to solve any kind of failure in operation or problem in sphere of telecommunication constructions and network maintenance.

REDINET CJSC also has affiliate companies in Georgia, Cyprus, Iraq and Lebanon licenced and certified to implement the whole scope of the Company’s major activities.

The list of “REDINET” CJSC (Headquarter) branches:

“REDINET” CJSC Armenia maintenance team in Gyumri city

“REDINET” CJSC Armenia, maintenance team in Vanadzor city

“REDINET” CJSC Armenia, maintenance team in Noyemberyan city

“REDINET” CJSC Armenia, maintenance team in Goris city

“REDINET” CJSC Armenia, maintenance team in Gavar city


Affiliate companies:

REDINET HOLDINGS LIMITED - 195, Arch. Makarios III ave., NEOCLEOUS HOUSE, 3030 Limassol, Cyprus

REDINET GEORGIA LLC - 7 Bambis Rigi, Tbilisi, Georgia

REDINET INTERNATIONAL SAL, Erbil Branch - Sultan Muzaffar street, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

REDINET INTERNATIONAL SAL - 2-nd floor, Wehbe Center, Rizkallah Semaan street, Ain El Remmaneh, Chayah, Lebanon

Since 2001 Redinet CJSC has been steadily opening up the road to development and growth. The company has already developed into the largest telecommunication system integrator, equipment and solution provider, ranking among one of the Top Players in the region with considerable market share.

Redinet CJSC creates sustainable value for customers with its innovative technology, products and services, and pushes forward the sustainable development of the entire society. For years, Redinet CJSC has insisted on making a capital investment of the annual sales income into research and education of its specialists and communities.

Redinet CJSC takes the continuous improvement of its employees communication experiences as its mission and responsibility in order to constantly develop more advanced and more environment-friendly communication. Low carbon and environmental protection has become the core driven factors of the services and technical innovation of the Company.

These policies have been completely involved in the R&D, production, logistics, engineering and all other operational activities of the Company. Redinet CJSC performs the design of low depletion solutions for different levels of network frameworks, equipment, proposes construction and usage of solar energy, wind energy and other clean energy. Solar energy is used for mobile base stations, as it is capable of supplying power all year round on the basis of a discharge of zero carbon dioxide. In operation processes, Redinet CJSC performs the efficient production flow of environmental protection and promotes E-type office to greatly reduce travel expenses.

In 2010, the Company initiated a discussion about excellence in culture for in-depth discussion about “how world level excellent enterprises are, and what employees in the process of going towards world level excellent enterprises should do.” The broad mass of employees and the management participated in such discussions to join efforts and offer strategies for the development of the Company.

Employees are the most valuable assets of our business, therefore a good care and management of employees will always be the task of the company and the managerial cadres. The Company puts forward and emphasizes that “sincere care of employees is the core responsibility of all the management”. It also performed CSR training for own employees, and starting from own logistics officers, urged our suppliers establish and maintain the CSR system of the entire supply chain.

In addition to pushing forward the development of the company and employees and making contributions towards the country, the society and education, the implication of corporate social responsibility is to make contributions towards local communities with regard to Redinet CJSC. It is also an important content to be a performer of global corporate social responsibility.


CSR Vision and strategy 

Redinet CJSC CSR vision is to conduct all business in an ethical and sustainable way that protects and advances the human rights, health, safety, wellbeing and personal development of all the people working directly or indirectly for the company, operate always in an environmentally responsible manner and actively contribute towards solving the country’s current and future challenges, help all its customers – internal and external – by taking advantage of the opportunities of a changing world and to positively impact the society on local level and in the countries where Redinet CJSC operates.


Corporate responsibility

In Redinet CJSC being a leader is more than just profitability, customer service and technological investment; it is about accountability to the protection and sustainability of the environment, to the betterment of society, and to the protection and support of our employees. Over years of operation, Redinet CJSC has made an uncompromising commitment to achieving its corporate responsibility goals. This accountability is reflected in corporate management processes, the company’s green technology lines, employee involvement in community outreach, and the provision of a safe and efficient work environment. In the sector of telecom integration services, Redinet CJSC is the first company to initiate special design and deployment of greenfield mobile sites with special overhead platform level on the towers for placing the BTS and BSC, thus limiting the use of land for outdoor shelters. Redinet CJSC has developed an innovative design of Cell on Wheels (COW) mobile sites by means of assembling towers on the cars and trucks.


Commitment to the environment

Redinet CJSC complies with the strictest environmental standards, and avoids the use of harmful substances in products and in their production and deployment processes. Redinet CJSC also requires that manufacturing partners comply with the same standards for production and material usage.


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Redinet CJSC provides the whole range of services of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) calculation. EMC calculation is an integral part of conformity process of common work conditions of radio-electronical station (RES). EMC calculation methodology is mastered by our professionals and widely used in this sphere. At the same time RES specificity of different radio services requires some general methodology changes and additions. This may refer to interacting RES basic data list, radio signal expansion models, EMS criteria assurance and also characteristics of reducing noise method accounting.

Redinet CJSC offers a wide spectrum of services of calculation of electromagnetic compatibility between satellite services terrestrial stations and RES wireless access. Qualified specialists of the company carry out calculations of working signal and total level of noise RES RR receiving device in order to get reliable estimates of working signal level relation to the total level of noise or the relation of total noise level with the noise level of RES RR receptor (RSP).

Our services enable to estimate and make conclusions concerning the probability of noise occurrence for RES RRL from other RRL RES, for wireless access RES and mobile network for civil application, acting in common frequency bands and located in remote zone.

The results of our calculations are used by the radio frequency service institutions of Armenia in material examination, expertise and making decisions on radio frequency and radio frequency channels assignment.


Population sanitary-epidemic welfare

The company carries out population sanitary-epidemic welfare calculations. The sanitary rules requirements are aimed to prevent unfavorable effects of electromagnetic fields of radio frequency range, produced by RES, to people’s health. The company realizes the given services to legal authorities, private businessmen and civilians, realizing design, construction, reconstruction and commissioning of transmitting radiotechnical unit (TRU).

The sanitary-epidemic welfare services include the following activities:

  • Company estimates electromagnetic density influence on population, as well as personnel serving for TRU, realizes energetic exposition of EEE electrical field, EEN magnetic field, density stream of Eeppe energy;
  • The calculation of EMD level caused on resident area by TRU, in territories of mass resting, inside living, social and production accommodations, undergoing the effect of inner EMD radio frequency;
  • The calculation of conditions of simultaneous radiation from several sources;
  • The calculation of electrical field tenseness level of 50Gcfrequency created by TRU supplying and force equipment inside living and social buildings;
  • Keeping the requirements of conditions of EMD production effects in the territories (roofs) where the access of people not directly connected with TRU equipment maintenance is excluded;
  • In case of few transmitter installation at the location (support, roof) of TRU antenna the sanitary-epidemiological examination is carried out for TRU in total;
  • Prevention of people access to antenna placement area within dangerous limits;
  • Calculation of RRS antenna placement and radiostations of civil range RGD with effective radiated power from 1000 to 5000 Vt where prevention of people access and absence of neighboring buildings at the distance of min. 25m. within any antenna limit independent from its type and direction of radiation;
  • Installation of sanitary-protective and limiting zones with TRU prospective progress calculation and populated area with objectives of population protection from EMD effect.


Quality Control

Quality assurance and control is one of the main directions of after-sale services of the Company. Our team of highly professional supervisors is visiting each construction or telecom implementation unit to proceed with quality tests. The aim of such an inspection is identification of problematic aspects of provided services or supplied materials for elimination of them having in mind the main driver, which is highest possible customer satisfaction.

Apart from quality assurance of service quality Redinet CJSC provides specialized services such as quality inspection of:

  • Basement inspection
  • Steel construction inspection
  • Grounding and lightning inspection
  • Telecom implementation inspection


Commitment to sustainability

Redinet CJSC applies efforts towards maximizing the reuse and recycling potential of its products and packaging. As part of our effort to promote environment-friendly practices we offer facilities to help employees recycle batteries and plastics, provide guidelines for the practice of smart energy conservation on air-conditioning, electricity and light usage and paper consumption.


Commitment to employee health and safety

Redinet CJSC has made employee health and safety a top priority and provides safe and toxin-free work environments to ensure continuous improvement of employee safety conditions.


Commitment to community

Redinet CJSC believes that investment in the community is an investment in the future of our society. Redinet CJSCencourages and enables its employees to actively participate in community outreach programs through volunteer work. Originally founded to support community projects for children and adolescents at risk, it has expanded into areas such as technology education and social activity, representing an investment that is not measured by financial gain – but by what Redinet CJSC can give back to society.

Promotion of education, printing of books, dissemination of knowledge, innovation and technology news have become integral part of Redinet CJSC operation. We are proud of the established cooperation with local universities, National Academy of Sciences, printing agencies, belevolent NGOs and individuals, who help us to implement our mission of a corporate citizen. Talented students from vulnerable families, young authors and researchers, medical funds who provide vital assistance to treatment of children are in permanent contact with Redinet CJSC seeking for partnership and assistance to implement their projects and ideas. Since 2009, many lectures and presentation have been delivered by Redinet CJSC specialists in universities, many students have received Redinet CJSC help to pay their tuition fees, many authors have published their books with Redinet’s contribution, many children suffering from diseases have been helped by Redinet CJSC to receive medical treatment in hospitals and health centers.


Commitment to supplier code of conduct and ethical norms

In daily operational practice and during tendering processes, without exception, our Customers demand and expect from their suppliers to adhere to the highest standard morality and ethical conduct, transparency, integrity and honesty, respect of legislation and zero tolerance to engagement in corrupt practices, fraud or bribery.

As a leading player in the local and regional markets, technology supplier and system integrator of licensed telecom operators, utilities and enterprises, Redinet CJSC adhered to the provisions of the UNDP Supplier Code of Conduct, which is placed at the following link: .

As part of the above Code of Conduct, Redinet CJSC employees are instructed not to accept gifts, presents, offer of hospitality, which are beyond of corporate events or representational nature. Our employees should strictly refuse accepting or offering invitations to lavish dinners or entertainments. Our Company Staff is committed to conduct themselves in a professional, objective and impartial manner and must hold Redinet CJSC corporate rules and interests paramount.


List of CSR activities realized during the period of 2009 - 2012









State Medical University n/a M. Heratsi




French University in Armenia




Yerevan State University




Armenian State University of Economics




Gladzor University






Gladzor University




Haiarpy Khachatryan




French University in Armenia




Armenian State University of Economics




Gladzor University




Yerevan Puppet Theatre









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