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Quality Assurance Policy

Commitment of the Management

Since the year of foundation, in 2001, Redinet CJSC has introduced a system of management by quality into all aspects of professional activities, daily operations and performance of the personnel, which the Company has continuously improved throughout the last decade. Existence of the systems is confirmed by international ISO 9001:2008 certificate issued by Guardian Independent Certification Ltd. (GIC) quartered in the UK. The scope of the ISO Certificate covers the activities of Providing Design, Development, Manufacturing, Supply and Services in the field of Telecommunication, IT, Electronics and Data Analysis Control (date of Issue: 17 January 2012, Certificate No: N686617). By the decision of the Management, quality assurance implications should be applied also to the Company’s products, maintenance services, sales/tendering  processes, as well as customer care and customer retention. The Company staff is properly trained and instructed about the QA policy.

Most important quality assurance issues and requirements are constantly subjected to reviews and improvement in order to guarantee high level of customer satisfaction. The standards and techniques of professional performance and competent engineering services of Redinet CJSC have been highly evaluated by mobile operators in their appreciation letters.

The ISO 9001:2008 norms mainly cover the system of management which has impact on the quality of delivered products and provided services. The Management of Redinet CJSC understands that an ISO certificate is a guarantee of security, trust and of a reliable system of quality assurance and environmental issues management in the company. It is a system, which is continuously improved to ensure that the quality of services is satisfactory and meets customer expectations and needs in the highest degree possible leading to constant growth of the Company's value. The Company's goals, policy and management model enable provision of top level services.

Quality Assurance Policy adoption is the major strategic direction of the Company’s business activities. The QA policy is regarded as a useful tool for creation and management of effective business processes. The system formation will result in provision of services of consistently high quality, fully meeting our customers’ expectations.

Effective implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy and constant improvement of our performance are enabled by the ISO 9001:2008 management system, which is adopted in Redinet CJSC, as well as by the Management's commitment to respect all the arrangements in this area. To ensure implementation of the QA policy, the company Management employs an independent Quality Control and Assurance Manager subjected to the CEO and the President of Redinet CJSC.

Redinet CJSC pursues the following goals in the field of quality assurance:

  • Strict compliance of the company’s services with international, national, and corporate standards and requirements.
  • Responsibility to customers for the quality of the services rendered.
  • Cost efficiency of the services as compared with other companies operating in the market.
  • Development and implementation of new services that fully satisfy our customers’ needs.
  • Continuous monitoring of complaints and claims from customers, and aim to maintain these at zero.
  • Cooperation with the leaders of specific industries to deliver competitive and innovative solutions for our Customers;
  • Use of carefully selected metrics, which enable monitoring and supervision of processes;
  • Stimulation of innovation among employees and motivating the employees to constantly improve the competences, which are necessary for professional fulfillment of their duties;
  • Use of modern and innovative support tools, which are focused on improving the efficiency of processes, as well as increasing convenience and offering time-saving for Customers;
  • Assuring safety of our customers' data.
  • Positioning of the company as employing qualified staff trained to the required specialization level for performing the job, and
  • Providing services of high quality.


Quality Assurance Policy implication on rendered services

Quality Assurance Policy underlies all scope of services rendered by Redinet CJSC. The following two types of professional services are differentiated in the company’s portfolio with specific testing and quality control rules and processes applied:  


Civil works

  • Site acquisition including permissions
  • Site design (including project documentation and permissions) for:
  • General construction
  • Power line construction
  • Mobile sites, towers, masts and poles manufacturing, supply and installation
  • Shelters manufacturing, supply and installation
  • Site construction (civil works, grounding and lightning)
  • Power supply, including:
  • Acquisition of technical conditions and permissions
  • CTS, poles , cables supply and installations.


Telecom implementation

  • Telecom equipment supply and system integration, including:
    • Wired/wireless solutions
    • MSC  implementation
    • Networking  devices: routers, servers
    • Network performance monitoring and analysis
    • Network adaptation and optimization
    • Network audit
    • Mobile network drive tests
  • Fiber optic
    • FO infrastructure supply and construction
    • Design, project  documentation & installations
    • Fiber optic network maintenance
  • Electro magnetic calculations.


Quality Control

For both types of above described services Redinet CJSC applies dedicated quality control procedures, which cover:

  • Concrete Foundation
  • Steel Construction
  • Grounding and Lightning
  • Telecom Implementation.


Quality assurance strategy

Redinet CJSC strategy for achieving the QA goals is the following:

  • Focus on the process management model and continuous improvement of the company services (in accordance with the market requirements).
  • The QA policy development, implementation and maintenance in conformity with ISO 9001 international standards. Renewal of ISO certification will be applied by mid-January 2015.
  • Satisfaction of customers’ requirements to all services. Professional response to the customers’ requirements within the shortest periods of time, ensuring highest quality.
  • Understanding of the customer needs, their present and future specific requirements.
  • Transparency - customers obtain access to information on the quality of the services.
  • Strict quality assurance procedures at all stages of the services life cycle, well-defined personnel responsibility for quality assurance.
  • Primary focus on prevention of a possible deterioration in quality rather than on measures to restore the quality level.
  • Consistent training of all personnel in the sphere of quality, each employee’s participation in services improvement, rewards for quality improvement.


Quality of instruments and devices

In order to hand over highest quality work to our customers, Redinet CJSC invests heavily in acquisition of  best-in-class sophisticated sets of own instruments, devices, analysers and other equipment, which are in daily use by Redinet CJSC staff.  The instruments park includes (but not limited to) Corning splicer, Fujikura 60S FO splicer, Corning OTDR, Site Master Anritsu, GE Analyzer, E1 Analyzer, Power light meter, Grounding resistance, Trimble M-Series, Concrete tester, HP spectrum analyzer, R & S signal generator.

As part of the QA policy of Redinet CJSC, the quality and precision of instruments and devices used by Redinet CJSC is certified by our international partners, manufacturers and vendors by means of periodic issuance of Certificates of Calibration for sophisticated instruments like SM OTDR Modules, OV-1000 Modular Main Frame, Diesel Generators, Oscillographs. As a demand of the national legislation, precision and conformity of instruments and devices are further certified by the National Institute of Metrology of the Republic of Armenia.


Design and Project Documentation to Ensure Required Quality Level for Commissioning and Acceptance

In order to guarantee the required level of quality for our customers, the company Management has adopted a specific approach to put in place a dedicated project management model for every telecom and system integration project. The approach implies development of project-specific design and documentation for every contracted assignment, while introducing into the documentation clear definitions and requirements of quality assurance aspects, supervision and inspection on all levels and stages of project implementation schedule by the company’s and the customer’s experts.

The matrix of responsibilities for quality assurance during project implementation process includes:

  • Project and permissions
  • Power supply design
  • Civil works quality control
  • Towers unique design
  • Testing of each design in 3D modelling before manufacturing
  • Static  calculation
  • Seismic calculation
  • Calculation of stability and load
  • Electromagnetic compatibility calculation.



As part of every project implementation scope, Redinet CJSC provides for the following services of certification:

  • Certifications and expertise of  telecom equipment
  • Certifications and expertise of telecom power systems
  • Partnership with dedicated certification and expertise company Readicom CJSC.



Seven Governmental Licenses are obtained by Redinet CJSC for implementation of professional activities in the fields of civil construction, telecom sites construction, energy sites construction, transport roads and industrial construction, as well as development of documentation and expertise in the above fields.


Internal structures ensuring QA policy application

Redinet CJSC Management has established a permanently working Steering Committee mandated to monitor and ensure the proper level of quality in all services rendered by the company to its customers community. It is the responsibility of the Quality Control and Assurance Manager of the company to organize and conduct the meetings of the Steering Committee. The following are the key measures that are used internally to ensure effective execution of the corporate aims and objectives of the Quality Assurance steering committee:

Internal Structure: Steering Committee


Action Type and Frequency

Senior Management Team

To meet, discuss and make decisions on organisation management and matters of importance to the QA Steering Committee.

Meet weekly

Management Policy

To disseminate information amongst senior staff, to discuss current projects and policy developments and to exchange ideas.

Meet bi-monthly or more frequently

Development Team

To discuss specific project developments and explore new ideas for future development

Meet bi-monthly or more frequently

All staff briefings

To ensure that all members of staff are informed of QA policy, projects and future developments in all functional areas.

Monthly or more frequently as the need arises

All staff policy sessions

To provide staff with an opportunity to consider important information and to create an environment for staff to collectively feedback on specific items (eg. Quality Review)

As necessary

Steering Committee members forum

To provide an opportunity for the senior staff of the Steering Committeeto discuss matters of common relevance.

At least annually