Shared Services

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Shared Services

As part of professional services provision portfolio, Redinet CJSC undertakes corporate assignments based on short and long term agreements to implement Shared Services for its customer community, as well as for business enterprises operating in various business spheres encompassing IT, Telecoms, Industries, Financial Services, Property Management, Assets, Business Centers, Community Areas and Services Management, Warehousing, Inventory Control Products.


Redinet CJSC enjoys the trust and years-long collaboration of numerous clients operating in different countries of the North America, Europe, CIS, Asia. Specific assignments implemented for Orange (France Telecom), MTS, Ericsson, Huawei, many other companies and their subsidiaries in a number of countries have expanded the geography of our professional services, the number of our contractual partners, as well as the scope of our shared services offering.

Our goal in every project implementation is to achieve complete satisfaction of our customers by offering services of dedicated teams selected among the pool of our professional work force comprised of Certified Auditors, Accountants and Certified Business Professionals of various profile. We adapt our established working rules and procedures to the requirements and timing of our customers to guarantee needed outcomes and results, strictly meeting deadlines and offering solution to bypass expectations of our  clients community.

The general scope of outsourced Shared Services includes:

  •   General Ledger Accounting

With provision of complete record of financial transactions throughout the company life cycle concentrating on accounts for assets, liabilities, owners' equity, revenues and expenses.

  • Financial statement package preparation

General-purpose financial statements of simple or complex structure depending on the size of the company with provision of the balance sheet (Assets, Inventory, Liabilities and Net Worth, Equity), income statement (P&L statement), statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flows.

  •   Accounts Payable

​​​​​​​With timely inputs and entries representing the customer’s entity obligations to pay off short-term debts to its creditors.

  •   Accounts Receivable

With periodical entries and reports on payments and cash remittances owed by individual or corporate customers.