Research and Development

Research & Development

Redinet CJSC research and development activities play a vital role in providing customized solutions through leading edge designs, fabrication and state-of-the-art technologies in wireless and fiber optic telecommunication. R&D Objectives:
  • Deliver innovative products and solutions that exceed customers expectations;
  • Lead technology direction for future customer requirements;
  • Market and commercialize its innovative products and solutions that will deliver exceptional value to our customers;
  • Provide value-added technical consultancy, advisory, testing and facility services in our area of expertise;
  • Conduct research and development activities to provide foundation for future growth.

Solar Systems

“ORANGE ARMENIA” CJSC was the first company in Armenia that decided to build telecom site operating on alternative power energy. The project was implemented by “Redinet” CJSC in collaboration with “Tenesol” CJSC. Site construction works, as well as implementation of telecom equipment, special solar power panels and accumulators installation were performed by “Redinet” CJSC.

Solar GSM station of Orange Armenia - Redinet
Solar GSM station for businesses

Unique design with compact 3D modeling

GSM towers

Redinet CJSC Design Department provides services of testing of each design in 3D before manufacturing and offer special design solutions which allow to install all the equipment on the tower without using shelters.

Telecom Solution

Qualified and certfied specialists of Redinet CJSC Design Department provide verious services in the spere of telecommunicaion design, such as:

Telecom Solution Design

  • complete telecom solution design,
  • active contribution in designing innovative solutions,
  • innovative engineering of creative and adapted solutions.

Civil design (towers, masts, monopoles, poles)

  • steel construction calculations and worksheet drawings        
  • foundation calculation and worksheet drawings
  • design of any telecom related construction
  • Civil Works Quality Control
Computer Model of GSM tower
Computer Model of GSM tower
Tower quality checklist by Orange Telecom
Tower quality checklist by Orange Telecom
tower compliance
Tower - Quality Control by Redinet CJSC