Spanish and Emirates companies want to get energy from the Armenian wind

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Ալտերնատիվ էներգիայի կորպորատիվ լուծումներ Ռեդինետից - հողմակայան

Spanish and Emirates companies want to get energy from the Armenian wind

The region Gegharkunik appeared in the center of attention of Western European and Middle Eastern countries. The purpose of Spanish and Emirates international companies is to get flow from the wind power of Tsaghkunq village.

By cooperating with the Emirates company “Access Central Asia,” “Redinet” CJSC has already provided them with necessary services, measuring equipment and a power station on a mast which has a height of 60 meters and is planned to be increased to 80 meters.

Moreover, the Spanish company “Acciona Energy” also has long-term plans for using the wind of Gegharkunik region. The representatives of the company shared their investment intentions with the Prime Minister of Armenia during the World Economic Forum in Davos. By the request of the Spanish company, “Redinet” CJSC has already installed a solar station and 2 measuring masts having 60 meters height. The new batch of equipment is already ready and will be conveyed to the mountains when wind speeds up.

Based on the results of the stations, the companies will finalize their decisions regarding the installing process of stations in that zone.

Each of the companies is going to build 100 to 150 megawatts wind station jointly with “Redinet” CJSC in 2018. The stations will be 70 times stronger than the only Pushkin wind station is in Armenia.