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At first, the only scope of company’s activity was telecommunication services, mostly supply of antennas, provision of maintenance services for local network operators. Since 2001, we have extended the scope of company’s activities and in this page you may find all our projects, which have been arranged since 2005.

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93.5KW solar power systems at Spitak

30KW Solar Power System in Alaverdi

Supply of solar power system to Armenian Red Cross

Supply and installation of 10 passport and ID reader devices to state border

Power Transmission Rehabilitation Project Extension and Upgrade of the SCADA/EMS Project

Supply of ethernet converters to IU Networks

6.5KW Solar Power Station for Baghramyan Shin

Anti fire system installation and support for Armenia Mariott hotel

Anti Fire system installation at South Caucasus Railway from Granit

Wind Energy Measuring Tower construction, delivery and installation

Wind Energy Measuring Tower construction, delivery and installation

Supply of equipment to Huawei

Supply and installation of diesel generator for Armaeronavigation CJSC

Supply and installation of equipment for Monitis

Supply of switches to Armenian Card

Supply of networking equipment to Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine:

Supply of fiber optics cables to Kharabakh telecom

Supply of networking equipment to Artsakh Kap

Supply of network equipment to Ucom

Information security solutions for Anelik Bank

Information security solutions for Central Bank

Information security solutions for Anelik Bank

Information security solutions for Ameria Bank

Supply of security token devices to central bank or Armenia

Land Survey for GamArak Ind.

Service & Maintenance supplier for K-Telecom (VivaCell-MTS)

Logo of VivaCell-MTS

Service & Maintenance of Ucom mobile network (formerly Orange Armenia)

Ucom Logo

Energy Saving Measures at Armavir penitentiary of the Ministry of Justice of the RA

Supply of power core for solar system of VivaCell-MTS

Delta Cell D300

Supply of R&D equipment for Armenia State Polytechnic Institute

Infrastructural automatic equipment

DVOR-DME equipment dismantling, installation & commissioning for Armats CJSC

DROM-DME system

P3D modernization for Armats

Telecommunication equipment

Civil Works and equipment installation for Armats

Armats - Logo

Supply of two 15KVA online UPS system for Armats

Infosec E4 UPS system

Energy saving measures for r2e2

Water Tubes installed by Redinet CJSC during energy saving project arranged for r2e2

Supply of L2 and L3 switches to Ucom LLC

L2 Switches by Edge-Core

First telecom station running exclusively on solar energy for Orange Armeina

Solar GSM station of Orange Armenia - Redinet

Towers for digital TV broadcasting for Armenian TV and radiobroadcasting network CJSC

Fire alarm system supply for South Caucasus Railway CJSC

Fire alarm equipment

Supply of diesel generators, accumulators, AMG type maintenance free batteries for Armats CJSC

Building of rooftop metallic support platform for ACBA

ACBA-credit agricole bank

Supply of Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX for Carrefour Hypermarket Armenia

PBX by Alcatel-Lucent

Supply of PBX and IP phones to Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan

Alcatel omniPCX and IP telephone

Swap project from Ericsson to Huawei for Magticom Georgia

4G project for VivaCell-MTS in partnership with Huawei

4G antenna of VivaCell-MTS

Supply of wooden poles for Beeline Armenia

Wooden poles for Beeline Armenia

Information security solutions for Nairi Insurance

Mcafee Endpoint Protection

Supply of 4330 pcs edge-core switches for Caucasus Online Georgia

Edge-Core switches for Georgia

Information security solutions for Privat Bank of Georgia

Safenet hardware module

Information security solutions for National Bank of Georgia

PBX and 200 IP phones installation for ACBA – Credit Agricole Bank

Alcatel OmniPCX and IP Phone

Access road construction for Rak minerals and metal investments

Supply of equipment and services to Ucom LLC

Ucom Logo

Inter-governmental “Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation Prevention Program”

Maintenance works for Beeline Armenia

Information security solutions for Cartu Bank of Georgia

Oracle Premier Support

Information security solutions for Liberty Bank Of Georgia

Liberty Bank Georgia - Logo

Information security solutions for Halyk Bank Of Georgia

Logo of Halyk Bank

Telecom network and power supply services for Korek Telecom

Site Construction with Redinet CJSC

Armenian water and sewerage CJSC

AWSC logo

Information security solutions for Armeconombank

Safenet Token

Information Security solutions for VTB Armenia

Safenet Token

100 KM OPGW Implementation for EPSO with Alstom Grid Solutions

100km of OPGW cable

Supply of relay protection to Electric Network of Armenia

Supply of batteries to South Caucasus Railway CJSC

Drive Test for Orange Armenia CJSC

Fiber optics network deployment for Central Bank of Armenia

GSM sites SWAP project for K-Telecom CJSC (VivaCell-MTS)

Supply of wooden poles for K-Telecom CJSC

Telecom infrastructure links implementation for South Caucasus Railway CJSC

Information security solutions for Central Bank of Armenia

Mcafee Data loss prevention

Fire-prevention and fire alarm systems for ArmenTel CJSC

Fiber Optic network deployment and maintenance for Karabakh Telecom CJSC

Fiber Optic network installation and maintenance for GNC-ALFA CJSC

EMC calculations project for Icon

Fiber Optic network deployment project for Cornet Armenia

Orange Armenia fiber optic network maintenance

Orange Armenia telecom network maintenance

Orange Armenia telecom maintenance

Orange Armenia network deployment

Logo of Orange

“Armenia 3G” project for K-Telecom CJSC (VivaCell-MTS)

Telecom network deployment for ArmenTel CJSC

Logo of Beeline

Construction of GSM Base Stations for Beeline Georgia

Logo of Beeline Georgia

Fiber Optics network deployment for K-Telecom CJSC

construction of WiMax base stations for “AATVC” CJSC

WiMax network installation for ICON communications

Installation of telecommunication containers for ArmRosGasProm

ArmRusGasProm - Logo

Telecom network deployment for K-Telecom CJSC

Logo of VivaCell-MTS

First WiMax network in Armenia

WiMax Logo

Telecom services for ArmenTel CJSC

GSM network deployment for K-Telecom CJSC