Power Networks

Power networks and electricity supply are the lifeblood of telecommunication operators, utility companies, industry sector and societies at large. Systemic approach of Redinet CJSC to construction of HV/LV power networks, OPGW and transmission lines, deliveries and installation of transformer substations and alternative electricity systems for our clients has gained for our company the reputation of a reliable partner and supplier of the most advanced technologies of the power industry. The service portfolio of Redinet CJSC for deployment of power networks includes “turn key” construction of electric power transmission lines, to carry the power from electricity generation plants to the service location, and electric power distribution, to reduce electricity voltage from transformer voltage level to distribution wiring level required by the customer.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Redinet CJSC provides renewable energy solutions for its customers. Our advanced packages are based on our experience in solar technologies since 2009.

We offer the following solutions for personal and corporate customers:

  • Solar Power
  • Solar Water Heating
Solar water heating system

Power Feed

Solar station for businesses

The scope of the services provided by the "REDINET" CJSC for power feed of communication sites include:

- Acquisition of technical conditions
- Acquisition of all necessary permissions and documents
- Design and project documentation
- Low Voltage lines construction
- Installation of electric meters
- Construction of High-Voltage lines including transformer substations.

OPGW Lines Construction

Throughout years of operation Redinet CJSC has gained solid experience in “turn key” implementation of OPGW deployment projects. Main competitive advantage of Redinet CJSC is its highly qualified  and experienced engineering specialists and certified professionals. The Company provides the complete range of services including overall network design, planning of electric power transmission and distribution lines, acquisition of all required permissions, licenses, design and project documentation, supply of OPGW cables and materials, installation works of the OPGW cable on tops of high-voltage electricity transmission pylons, grounding and communication works, systems and equipment integration, testing and certification and commissioning.

The Company services are performed at highest quality standards, which is achieved due to company-owned specialized machines, sophisticated tool kits and automation, as well as the knowledge-based qualifications and professional skills of own specialists, team leaders and quality assurance supervisors.

OPGW Pulling Machine