Renewable Energy – Solar Energy & Water Heaters

We are for sunny future

Here at Redinet CJSC, we strongly believe that solar energy will power most of the houses and business worldwide in several years. We are sure that by using clean alternative energy from our sun, we positively contribute to our planet's health. We can make the Earth a better place to live if everyone feels responsible for environmental protection.

After long years of research & development, Redinet CJSC introduces the best packages in the local market for both retail and corporate customers.

Solar Power solutions from Redinet CJSC

  • Payback after 5 - 7 years
  • Silicon Valley based advanced microinverter technology, which is protected by 44 patents
  • 20% more energy harvest than with traditional string systems
  • Per PV panel remote monitoring and reporting system
  • Up to 20 years of equipment & performance warranty
  • Responsive service & maintenance
  • Safety & Stability
  • Competitive price
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  • Power your home with clean energy
  • Save money and reduce energy bills
  • Protect the environment
  • High return on your investment

  • Payback after 4-7 years
  • Grundfos high quality pumps (Denmark)
  • Stainless steel high pressure water tank (Italy)
  • Cooper coils (Italy)
  • CIAT brace plate heat exchangers (France)
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  • Use the free energy of the sun to heat water
  • Hot water without use of electricity or gas
  • Save money by reducing utility bills
  • Easy to install, and requires very little maintenance
  • Protect air quality

Solar Water Heating solutions from Redinet CJSC

Water Tubes installed by Redinet CJSC during energy saving project arranged for r2e2
  • Solar energy research since 2009
  • First hybrid solar telecom station for Orange Armenia in 2010
  • More than 150kW solar power solutions installed
  • 450 KW solar water heating for 4 penitentiaries
  • 150 KW geothermal heating systems with heat pump

Solar System is very safe, if it’s done properly.

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A string-inverter system is flammable.
It is dangerous for firefighter, due to high DC voltage existed even AC off.

Solar System is very efficient, if it’s done properly.

According to Renewable Energy World, shading of as little as 9% of a solar system connected to a central inverter, can lead to a system-wide decline in power output with as much as 54%.

Solar solutions - central vs microinverter

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  • Yearly Interest Rate - 10%
  • Prepayment - 20%
  • Term - 5 Years