Information Security

Information Technologies and Security

"Redinet" CJSC company offers a wide spectrum of services to assist organizations in the development and implementation of reliable, productive, secure and scalable IT infrastructures. We provide a wealth of skilled support to new and existing businesses for computer networks, operating systems, servers, workstations, data cabling, wireless and secure Internet connectivity.

IT and Network Infrastructure Security

In cooperation with our reliable partners such as McAfee and SafeNet we provide full scope of solutions and tools to help protect your entire IT infrastructure, avoid leakage and loss of sensitive and confidential data

- With us you will be secured against hackers, malware and viruses.
- We can help you to easily and reliably protect your IT perimeter and corporate web site.
- Mechanisms that we offer will help you to unleash and totally block the treacherous insiders in company, prevent leakage of confidential data.
- Will help you to safely and transparently organize a backup process to avoid data losses.
- We help to gain remote control over the network, of all IT processes in your infrastructure. It will ease process of controlling of your entire infrastructure including levels of system and network administrator’s actions.

Lan Cables
Servers by SuperMicro

Our goal is to help you to create secure and reliable IT infrastructure which will help your business to stay competitive and avoid dangerous challenges. Our main customers are companies acting in Banking, Telecom and Industrial sectors, all small, medium and large business companies for whom IT is a key component of business process.

Why Redinet?

We partner with industry-leading vendors to provide award winning technology and expertise, ensuring that we have access to best-in-class solutions for our customers.

PKI and Data Encryption

Encryption illustration

Internal security systems usually prove inappropriate for securing communications across the Internet because they are either proprietary (to a company or a specific vendor) or do not utilize reliable data encryption, or both. Proprietary systems frequently require users to install specific software components on their PCs, which is impractical in an environment of public users. Of course, transmitting unencrypted data is suicidal in online retailing or any other Internet business.

PKI is a combination of software, encryption technology and server-based services designed to fill this void. It secures communication with the very features that most internal systems lack. It uses open, commonly applied standards and encryptors both for authentication process and the data. PKI includes other discrete security technologies, such as digital certificates, but is distinguished by its systemic approach. A complete PKI system manages (or obtains service from) certification authorities, rather than simply assuming their availability and utilizing them within applications.

Redinet CJSC helps organizations meet or exceed their security goals by providing software solutions that: 

       • protect digital identities through authentication
       • protect information assets through encryption
       • create layered security environments and promote efficiency, cost-effectiveness and synergy.


SafeNet - Storage Secure system

In close cooperation with our partners we provide scalable and cost effective Security Solutions for Governments,  Enterprises, Financial Institutions,  Small and medium business companies.

Whether it is strong authentication for employees and customers, encryption of e-mail and desktop files, or digital signatures to enable online workflow processes, Redinet CJSC has the trusted experience and solutions to meet enterprise security needs

       • Desktop Security
       • Laptop Security
       • File Encryption
       • Secure File Transfers.

IT Infrastructure Construction

"REDINET" CJSC Implementation Services deliver technical engineering expertise for successful IT rollout. Our certified engineers have implemented numerous projects in their area of expertise and are familiar with the issues that arise and able to respond quickly to ensure completion within the scheduled time. They also follow industry best practices to deliver the selected solution. During implementation, leading engineers and project managers will provide you with regular updates of progress to always keep you in the loop.

We cooperate with reputable, fully accredited vendors such as Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco-certified partners, that have proven their ability to do the job in the right way, meet the timelines and the frameworks of the budget.

We ensure the physical implementation of your tasks such as:

• Provisioning circuits - Consulting and management for installation of voice, data, video, and wireless circuits
• Structured cabling design - build entire LAN and WAN cable plant systems, complete with racks, wire management systems, and seismic bracing
• Electrical design - build AC/DC power systems, UPS, batteries, PDUs, grounding, specialty receptacles, furniture, back-up generators, and commercial solar systems
• Rack and stack - Full-service design, procurement and installation of racks and equipment
• Technology relocation - Expert program and project management for de-installation, transport and re-installation at new site with complete device inventory
• Wireless Design - build WLANs, wireless point-to-point and in-building cellular systems

Servers - IT Infrastructure
Cabling - IT Infrastructure

Structured Cabling Systems

“REDINET” Company designs the structured connection cable lines, as well as implements their direct connection, installation and start up.

We deploy complex Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) in building or building clusters with any topology our customers might approve. Our approach to construction of compound SCS is to deliver fully operational networks, from cables, cable canals, wall jack outlets, floor distribution boxes, MDFs to stable transmission of voice, data, multimedia/video signals at guaranteed level of quality.

Every SCS project is delivered to our customers as completely tested and certified infrastructure, with all subsystems operating as part of whole, with easiness of exploitation and service maintenance, ability to increasing the system scale-ability. For realization of technically safe installation of such systems, we provide the following services:

- Placement preparation
- Cable infrastructure installation
- Active equipment installation
- Testing and Certification
- Service maintenance in case of necessity

LAN Network Cable

Data Centers

Data Center is the core of your business. Users depend on data center applications running at peak performance with data available to authorized users and resources available for new projects. Data centers are complex and largest IT expense for customers. A typical enterprise data center may house thousands of servers and hundreds of terabytes of storage. The physical infrastructure of your data center must support shifting asset allocation and management technologies such as virtualization. REDINET has been specializing in data center design and implementation during years. As vendor-certified experts, we know how to integrate components from multiple vendors into a cohesive, manageable integrity that performs to your application requirements. We provide feasibility analysis, technology master format planning, power and cooling systems analysis, cost budgeting, and project management.

Our team can help you:

• Assess your current data center and recommend improvements for network infrastructure, optimum server and storage performance, as well as business continuity
• Design and implement data center solutions that meet your performance and budget requirements
• Consolidate resources to increase server and storage utilization rates
• Conserve power, space, and cooling
• Build secondary or mirrored data centers as part of your business continuity plan in case of disaster

Data Center Solutions

Our portfolio of award-winning data center solutions span:

• Power and cooling
• Cabling and plumbing
• Seismically resilient rackmounts
• Servers and blade servers for serial or parallel processing
• Storage and backup systems
• Network infrastructure
• Virtualization
• Security
• Management tools

IT Infrastructure

Security Systems

Alarm Security Systems

Business Security Systems

As a business owner, you know that unexpected trouble can affect your company. At any time, your business could be vulnerable to internal and external theft.

“Redinet” CJSC can put an end to your trouble. With state-of-the-industry monitored business alarm systems supported by one of the leading monitoring centers, and direct links to law-enforcement and emergency authorities near your business, Redinet is commited to providing you with consistent monitoring, instant response, top-tier communications, and incident resolution 24 hours a day.

Small Business Security System Solutions

A security system at your business that triggers an intrusion alarm is not enough. Redinet's business security system, supported by round-the-clock alarm monitoring service, gives your business the protection it needs. Whether you are at your business or out of office, Redinet gives you the comform of feeling that the organization is prepared and guaranteed with quick response when police, fire or medical assistance is needed.

Monitoring deterct criminal activity. Statistics show that a business equipped with a monitoring security system is 4.5 times less likely to be burglarized.

Why 24/7 Monitored Business Alarm Systems Are Better ?

Alarm monitoring maximizes your commercial security system value. With accurate emergency information at their fingertips, Redinet's professional operators quickly determine your needs and send help. It takes just seconds for Redinet to notify the appropriate emergency service.

Professional security monitoring considerably reduces expensive and wasteful false alarms, which can trigger costly fines, not to mention, pull emergency professionals away from real crisis situations and cause inconvenience for you.

Alarm Security Systems