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Telecom Network Services

"Redinet" CJSC is committed to provide clients with efficient and professional telecom implementation starting from pre-installation phase to make all necessary planning for fast rollout and going through installation, commissioning and integration with qualified personal to ensure first time right and per consequence time/money saving. Quality control, based on best practices accumulated from our extensive experience, is a continuous process for the whole life cycle of telecom implementation phases to ensure high quality and reduce time to commercial use. "Redinet" CJSC has a qualified installation and commissioning team trained and certified on most of vendors’ equipment. Our vast experience in providing end-to-end solutions to the telecom industry has helped us to successfully map our competence, skills and expertise to the areas of Telecom Infrastructure. Telecom Implementation covers all network areas for Operators.


GSM networking

“REDINET” CJSC has extensive experience in project design and construction of base stations, as well as transmission line for building GSM Networks. Major achievements of our professional staff includes projects of GSM construction for the mobile operators in the region: such as Orange Armenia, VivaCell-MTS, Beeline (ArmenTel), Mobitel LLC (Beeline Georgia), Korek Telecom (Iraq). We deliver full spectrum of turn-key services of GSM and CDMA networks. Applying the gained experience and leading technologies the Company implemented all major projects of GSM networks construction in its geographical area of operation.

We offer complete turn-key solutions including site acquisition, design, civil works, supply, installation and erection of towers, monopole and roof top structures for Greenfield and Roof-top sites. We also supply, install, operate and maintain Micro-cell Rapid Deployment Vehicles (MRDVs) or Cell on Wheels (COW), Rapid Deployment Units (RDUs).

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Project design and Construction of GSM Networks

“REDINET” CJSC has solid experienced in base stations projects design for different standards of wireless networks construction. During project design of wireless networks the Company implements the following works:

- Design of supporting main network topology between base stations (FO Links, MW Links)
- Design of BS placement on existing constructions
- Design of antenna-masts constructions
- Design of BS power supply
- Calculation and drive test of BS coverage
- EMC of BS radiated power and coverage

BTS Installation, Commisioning

Telecom Antenna - Redinet

"Redinet" CJSC is committed to provide clients with efficient and professional services like:

BTS Site Survey  

BTS Site Survey, providing Site Survey detail report along with built drawings / Engineering Site Survey

    - Work out on Site Survey Planning.
    - Provide Detailed Site Survey Report Strictly complying to Customer Requirement.
    - Documentation for Site, Including Equipments Layout Drawing.
    - Documentation for Indoor and Outdoor Cable Routing.
    - Documentation for Quantities of Engineering Materials.

BTS Indoor Installation

 BTS Indoor Installation, MBTS/BBU Site Indoor Installation and Commisioning, RFS/RRU Tower Top Mounted, Commissioning, Integration & ATP Sign-Off.

- Un-packaging and Goods Verification and Shifting.
- Installation of BTS Rack.
- Power Cable and Grounding Cable routing and termination to MCB or IGB.
- E1 Cable Routing and Punching On DDF.
- Lightning Protection Box, IGB, MCB, DDF Installation.
- Alarm Cable Routing and Environment Detection Sensor Fixed.
- RF Jumper, feeder, cable connector making
- RF Jumper, feeder, cable routing and connection to existing Surge Arrestor.
- GPS Antenna mount and cable routing.
- Installation for Cable Tray when required.
- Labeling for all Cable and Sector.
- Prepare and Submit Hardware Installation Report.

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Telecom Equipment - Redinet

BTS Outdoor Installation

Installation of Antenna Pole or RRU,  Connectivity and Routing of Feeder Cables, Optical cable and Power Cable Routing

- 3-Sectors Site Outdoor Antenna Mount.
- Feeder Cable Routing, Grounding and Termination.
- Surge Arrestor Installation and Grounding to OGB.
- Installation of Outdoor Cable Tray.
- Labeling for all Cable and Sector.

BTS Commissioning

- BTS Power on and Card Check.
- Transmission Connectivity Integration.
- Integrate BTS with BSC.
- Test calls and Record Result.
- Integration of External Alarm and Alarm Testing.
- Labeling For all Cable and Sector.

Microwave Links

Transmission Line

“REDINET” CJSC provides the full scope of services in the field of microwave transmission installation:

- MW link site survey
- MW link installation
- MW link alignment
- MW link commissioning
- Link acceptance
- Upgrading of existing transmission network, with minimum traffic interruption (SWAP)
- Preparation of link budget and all necessary documantation

Our company speacialists are certified by international telecom vendors like Alcatel-Lucent for AWY, MPR and LSY equipment and Ericsson for Mini-Link eTraffic Node O&M. During 10 years of microwave project implementation the Company has recorded remarkable achievements in this sphere of telecom implementation. 

"REDINET" CJSC company is the only partner of Orange Armenia CJSC for LSY (STM-1) equipment installation projects.

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radio frequency equipment

Our core competencies in delivering high quality field and maintenance services makes our offering a complete solution, allowing our customers to lower their overall operating expenses and deliver the highest quality of services to their end user customers.

With our extensive background in designing, building and maintaining networks, we understand the importance of maintenance services for your overall success. We specialize in all aspects of field services which help to keep networks up and running, on time and on budget. Redinet CJSC maintenance services are designed to assist our clients network implementation and post-integration initiatives.

Site field intervention

REDINET CJSC will set up 365/24/7 Operation room and will commit itself to be available all times. REDINET CJSC is engaged with an obligatory result as regards the respect for the deadline of restoring the operations by immediate intervention of maintenance.

An intervention will be guaranteed during 4 hours as from the moment when the monitoring of CUSTOMER will have validated the correspondence of the intervention (validation by the monitoring before leaving the site). The monitoring will inform REDINET CJSC about the type of breakdown and the warning indications.

Electro-magnetic calculator

This guarantee by monitoring applies only to breakdowns diagnosed by the CUSTOMER and requiring change of characterized elements, and/or the quality of the executed works, the interventions for search of complex breakdowns are excluded from it. (Temporary Power Generator will be provided by REDINET CJSC to install and resolve the issue. REDINET CJSC informs monitoring of the CUSTOMER till the issue is resolved).

During an intervention, the provider has to arrange elements necessary for proper execution of the intervention and associated controls, notably the spare parts. Spare parts will be provided by the CUSTOMER. REDINET CJSC will keep sufficient stock of spares depending upon the number of sites. Each important item is to be kept in the maintenance vehicle, as well as all other required spares and tool kits for the curative interventions. This is mandatory, otherwise the intervention would not be considered as reliable by the CUSTOMER.

CUSTOMER will support REDINET CJSC with access to the site. Sites will be given in a state so as not to cause any difficulty to the implementation of operations, provided that any constraints or risk towards the workers should be eliminated. All necessary information regarding the access to the sites should be provided by the CUSTOMER.

List will be provided by the CUSTOMER for the Sites where it is not possible to access 24/7, or if there are some difficulties during some seasons.

Telecom equipment calibration

On receiving the work-order:

REDINET CJSC will maintain and update all information of the work-order and it will be the responsibility of REDINET CJSC to maintain this record.

Several interventions on the same site can be requested by the CUSTOMER to optimize the interventions for the subcontractor.

If there is a need to replace the faulty power generator by an operational power generator on the same place, this operation will be the subject to a separate invoice for performing any work to replace the original Generator.

The CUSTOMER will have power generators in the spare parts. These generators will be placed in the CUSTOMER Offices for emergency needs. The generators will be mobile and will be handling all emergency issues. However, regardless of the generator replacement, REDINET CJSC will keep one small generator for each intervention case which causes power outage.

REDINET CJSC will inform the CUSTOMER for replacement of the faulty generator. Time will be noted from when the CUSTOMER monitoring acknowledges the replacement indicated by REDINET CJSC. Thereafter, the CUSTOMER monitoring will:

1. Note the time when REDINET CJSC called. 
2. Arrange for sending the mobile generator.
3. Time calculation for all penalties in this case will not be applied and charged to REDINET CJSC since the delay will now be from the CUSTOMER side, until the time when the generator arrives and is in position for work. Only then the time for penalty will be calculated (in case of delays of more than the stipulated time).

The time of repair works due to consequences of vandalism or special event (war, natural catastrophe …) are not included in the flat rate. The works regarding the modification on the stability of the pylon are not included.

Realtime Monitoring/Tracking

The necessity of maintaining reliable documentation and information system implies considerable efforts and concerns regarding the follow-up and traceability of operations, equipment replacements and supply of spare parts so as not to cause any delays.  All PM, CM and AM documents will be maintained and returned (work-order linked to the adaptive and curative operations) by the end of the month or latest within 5 working days. Monthly assessment and all actions/rectifications realized on every site will be provided to the CUSTOMER. For every site, a dashboard of synthesis will include the following:

-  Date of the visit
-  Type of the visit
-  Time of the visit
-  Information on the last draining of oil (date and generator hourly running, checking the meter)
-  Curative actions realized during the visit
-  Level of the tank
-  Possible remarks
-  Quantity of oil and filters changed
-  Changed device provided by the subcontractor

At the beginning and at the end of each intervention REDINET CJSC will contact the monitoring to inform on the subject and the result of the visit.

GSM Drive Test Services

This service allows operators to benefit from a fast and efficient way to verify the Quality of Service of their networks regarding coverage and quality from the perspective of its users. "REDINET" CSJC offers a complete solution (Drive Test and consultants) that enables operators and suppliers to have a very effective method to evaluate and correct weaknesses detected in the network, thus ensuring the high quality of voice and data services for subscribers. The delivered Drive Test reports disclose practical information and analysis of the area involved.

In 2009 Redinet CJSC started provision of drive test services for mobile operators. Our specialists are equipped with sophisticated tool kits, such as NEMO OUTDOOR, NEMO HANDY, NEMO ANALYZE, R&S SPECTRUM ANALYZER etc.. Our services include:

1. Single site verification,
2. Cluster verification,
    - checking neighbors
    - checking azimuths/tilts
    - data test (GPRS / EDGE / HSPA)
3. Before and after test reports
4. Scanning / interference estimation
5. Drive test confirmation

GSM drives and tests