Design services

"REDINET" CJSC provides the wide range of design services especially for the construction of towers, masts, and poles. “REDINET” CJSC has extensive experience in project design and construction of telecom base stations.

Site Acquisition and Design

"Redinet" CJSC offers working project development services, consisting of the following points:

-Preparation of buildings carrying capacity measuring actions. Acquisition of resolution by a licensed seismological body for Rooftop positions, acquisition of resolutions by geodesist and historian for Greenfield positions, gaining geological soil data.
- Preparation and development of situation plan. Composition and conformation of positions general plan.
- Preparation of materials for architectural construction works
- Financial related calculation
- Construction drawings design
- Calculation of embedded parts
- Calculation of basement capacity, coverage plates and bridging plates,
- Planning of facades, roofs and interior finishing
- Metallic construction part development:
- Designing of masts, towers, poles, embedded details, anchors and the whole set of details and tools for metallic construcions.
- Development of air conditioning part
- Development of fire protection system
- Development of working documentation
- Explanatory notes
- Formation of general part, project assignment, etc.
- Formation of base station technological part and microwave network connection
- Organization of antenna-fееder еquipment construction
- Construction part development
- Nature and environment protection organization.

Site Survey
Site Survey